Sleeping Beauty

"Sleeping beauty" I am the opposite tonight Can not sleep at all!! It's not really my mind that's keeping me awake I actually think I'm too relaxed to sleep (never thought that could happen) but being awake is making my mind work overtime. As happy as I feel on my amazing holiday with my gorgeous … Continue reading Sleeping Beauty


TANGLED Gosh what a day of emotions!! Really have been tangled up with myself!! So today is my OTD and what a drama... this morning I woke up 4am and did my clearblue digital (won’t be using them again) it said the dreaded words “not pregnant” I felt sick but was like “I’m not … Continue reading Tangled


EGG TRANSFER DAY Well it’s been a mixture of emotions already today! Nervous: I was so nervous for the call this morning to tell me how many of our 8 embryos we still had! Shocked: was a bit of shock for the embryologists words to be we have 1 good quality embryo (ermm what about … Continue reading TRANSFER DAY


FINGERS CROSSED FOR FROSTIES ❄️🥚❄️🥚❄️🥚❄️🥚❄️🥚 Well it’s egg collection day!! I am led on the hospital bed waiting. OH has gone to do his thing in pot (come on swimmers!) I’m just led here waiting for lady number 2 to go down for her procedure before I get changed into the lovely backless gown they … Continue reading EGG RETRIEVAL


TRIGGER NIGHT!!!! What a week it has been!! So I went in for bloods and a scan on Sunday and I had twenty follicles on right ovary and 13 on my left. Went again yesterday and there was 5 in the green band on the chart (good size follicles) and they booked me in for … Continue reading Trigger


“Just keep swimming just keep swimming” 🎶🎵 🐠 This round I said to myself I would take it day by day and not worry about things that haven’t happened yet and cause myself unnecessary stress worry and massive anxiety attacks like last time! And do you know what it’s working!! I am the calmest I … Continue reading DORI