5DP5DT up 5am!

Omg I’m exhausted

Really bad sleep last night

I have such bad aches going down my legs!! It’s like a nerves trapped or like when ur legs are going dead (weird & annoying) I tried sleeping with a pillow between my legs to ease my hip pains and that seemed to work

5am woke up dying for the loo and couldn’t stop sneezing!! This had happened the last 3days (again weird & annoying)

So let me catch you up on the last few days 🤗…

Thursday 4am woke up with aches in lower abdo and lower back, pretty sure I was implanting (I’m crazy I know) but I’m pretty convinced I was. Our dog has been weird since Thursday am!! She knows!! (I know – I’m crazy) but she knows!! Even OH is convinced we’re pregnant because of her behaviour 🤣 last night she literally just sat staring at me for ages just sat there 🐶 and she follows me everywhere, won’t leave my side she even came upstairs following me and she knows she’s not allowed upstairs! 🙏🏼🌈

Symptoms wise I have on and off nausea all day and night, worse at night! Sore & large boobies (oh happy about that) Feel hungry a lot but full quickly (good for no weight gain as don’t eat as much) I have had a stitch like feeling in my left side since Saturday and it doesn’t seem to be shifting. I find it so strange to have all these symptoms because if I was TTC naturally surely I wouldn’t feel like this so early. It must be because we have medications on top of the hormones pregnancy causes therefore heightening everything cos my pelvis/hips/stomach/legs ache like crazy which seems odd when the baby (yes I know it’s early to refer to it as a baby when I don’t even no pregnant yet haha) when it’s like the size of a seed!!

What’s your thoughts….

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5 thoughts on “5DP5DT

  1. Confuzzled Bev says:

    I am hoping you really are pregnant. Fingers crossed!
    Be aware though that cramping, bloating, sore boobs, etc. are also progesterone symptoms. My boobs killed after my last IUI and I had cramps around 5-6 days after insemination but still got a BFN.

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