Transfer 6

The day has come!!


Our last embryo!! Lucky number 9?

9 will forever be my lucky number if so 🍀9️⃣ Just waiting for the phone call to let us know if our frostie has defrosted ok ❄️🤞🏼…..

Woohooooooo our Frostie has survived defrosting!!!! After a very anxious morning of waiting 🙄 9.40am they rang me and I was on pins waiting for them to say it hadn’t survived. Well it was just a consent call to makesure we wanted them to go ahead with the thaw…YES PLEASE!! So they advised me they would call in an hour to let us know if we are ok to set off (we have a 1.5hr drove and 1hr Accupuncture before transfer) 2HOURS40MINUTES later they ring. “Sorry was a bit of a delay” A BIT!! might only be 1hr40mins over for you but in those 100minutes I’d given up all hope that it had survived!! So she got a bit of a sharp tongue 🙈 the fact it had survived lifted my mood immediately so she got off lightly tbf 🤣 (don’t annoy a hormonal mess) SO we are on our way!!! Accupuncture 2/2.15pm and transfer at 3pm… il let you know how it all went later!! Here goes….

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