Here we go again…

So I have been MIA for a few months but I am BACK!I have missed my blog and i feel like I’m getting back to myself again and ready to share again.

Now as you all know my journey has not been a fairytale 👸🏽…more action/horror 🤣 but I have not given up on my fairytale ending 🧚🏼‍♀️

I am so lucky to have such amazing supportive family & friends to keep me going and keep pursuing my dream of being a mummy and my OH to be the amazing daddy I know he will be. So I left St Marys at Manchester, after they accepted me for treatment then cancelled me the day before was due to start my ovulation testing due to incompetence of staff. It was the final nail in the coffin for me, I had had enough. This journey is hard enough with out the clinic adding stress and upset. Thankfully I have the best dad in the world, who not only gets me through every single day, but offered to pay to take our last Frostie private. What a guy 🥰 It was a really daunting thought for me to move private and out of the nhs cos once you start spending money on IVF when do you stop?! I had always thought that we wouldn’t have to get to that stage, we had two stimulations with plenty of frosties, but after 5 transfers,4 miscarriages and a few cancelled due to illness here we are. We are at the stage I thought we never would be. I continue to watch other people’s treatment work first time (unbelievably happy for all these ppl but as u all know it makes you sad for yourself) continue to see people conceive naturally (again very happy for them) continue to live with the fear that this may never work for us, for me! I’ve gained a new fear this last year, What if he leaves me? And gets someone else pregnant! Now this is ridiculous because my OH loves me and I know that but this journey puts such a strain on you, as a couple we have become stronger through it and he supports me but it’s getting serious now and I’m scared. All the time. Scared of all the different outcomes that are out of our control but after 4 years of IVF who wouldn’t be scared.

So anyway… I’m sat in Knutsford waiting for my scan at my shiny new clinic 😊 getting checked to makesure my womb, cervix and lining are all ok to start on my next cycle! I got really poorly on my medicated FET so this Consultant has changed it up abit (thank god) Progynova tablets from Day1, the wonderful bullets that ruin ur life 🤣 Cyclogest! And a blood thinner called Clexane which I start the day of transfer. I am also booking acupuncture for the day of transfer, you have one session before you go in and one when you come out, so hopefully these changes will be the changes we need for our little miracle to stick and stay!!!

Ok I’ve waffled on a bit this morning…best go!! Wish me luck and baby dust!! Il let you know how I get on…..

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6 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. marc25t says:

    its heartbreaking to listen to you go through this.. im sure your O/H is with you all the way so stop worrying about that.. stay strong and this time could be a good time. xx


  2. Confuzzled Bev says:

    Good luck. I hope it works for you this time.

    “Once you start spending money on IVF when do you stop” – We are just starting IVF and we have to pay for ALL of it. I live in Switzerland and IVF is not covered at all. Before even getting started we have to pay the equivalent of 4,500 pounds as a down payment (that doesn’t include the actual meds and will increase if I need extra ultrasounds, etc.). I definitely keep wondering if we should even be spending our savings on this when there’s no guarantee it will work. Maybe I should just accept that I wasn’t meant to be a mother? (On the other hand IUI worked for me once – I lost my twins at 16+4 weeks – so hopefully IVF will work for us quickly and we won’t end up spending even more.)


    • untilthelastpetalfallsivf says:

      Aww hun I’m so sorry about ur twins 😢 xx I think you just have to go with your gut, you know in yourself what u can and can’t deal with, sometimes the what if is worse than trying and having heartache, atleast you know you have tried xx wishing u all the luck and baby dust for your ivf xx stay in touch

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