Stamp collecting

Filling my stamp book 🤪

(9 coffees 10th free at cafe Nero)

So I am on day 8 of my blood tests to check my LH levels and waiting for my surge! Day 15 of my cycle!

Yesterday the clinic called me to say “you’ve surged” and booked me in for my transfer next week, was so happy to be booked in and so relieved to not be travelling in everyday. The clinic rang again “I’m really sorry I gave u the wrong result” are you kidding me!!!! Absolutely fuming!! The incompetence of this clinic is just unbelievable! The only reason they realised their error was because whilst I was wittering on on the phone to them I said “oh that’s early for me” (I witter when nervous, also laugh n smile which is usually inappropriate) so when she got off the phone she double checked as I had said it was early for me, good job checked cos wasn’t my result! So I’m not booked in for transfer, hopes raised then crashed bk down 🙄… I’m bk today for more bloods! Only have today tomorrow and Saturday to surge so fingers crossed 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

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