5DP5DT up 5am! Omg I’m exhausted Really bad sleep last night I have such bad aches going down my legs!! It’s like a nerves trapped or like when ur legs are going dead (weird & annoying) I tried sleeping with a pillow between my legs to ease my hip pains and that seemed to work … Continue reading 5DP5DT

Transfer 6

The day has come!! TRANSFER DAY Our last embryo!! Lucky number 9? 9 will forever be my lucky number if so 🍀9️⃣ Just waiting for the phone call to let us know if our frostie has defrosted ok ❄️🤞🏼..... Woohooooooo our Frostie has survived defrosting!!!! After a very anxious morning of waiting 🙄 9.40am they … Continue reading Transfer 6

New week

It’s a New Week! It’s scan week! I have been on progynova for a week now and other than nausea for first 4days I’ve been ok really!! Even managed to do a 5hr aerobathon for charity over the weekend!! My boobs have grown and are really sore so I’ve been and bought some comfy aka … Continue reading New week


Somedays I really struggle Somedays I don’t want this life Somedays I don’t want to be on this journey Somedays I cry Somedays I hurt inside Somedays I just sit and think of our angel babies Most days I dream of our rainbow baby Most days I am grateful for being strong enough for this … Continue reading Someday


Happy new year everyone!! Sending everyone on this journey baby dust and luck for 2019!! Let's hope we all get our miracles ✨ This has to be our year!! 🤰🏻🤱🏻💖🥰✨🧚🏼‍♀️


Let’s do this 🙌🏼 Led in the bath thinking about how different I thought this year was going to be, but how grateful i am for how it is! All my loved ones happy & healthy! I may not be a mummy yet I may not have my rainbow baby yet but I have so … Continue reading Sunday